Igbo pioneers ought to be the ones driving the agitation for Biafra – Fr. Mbaka.

Rev. Fr. Mbaka

Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka of the Adoration Ministry, Enugu, has at last responded to the emergency in the south-east caused by the Biafra unsettling drove by Nnamdi Kanu’s Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) gathering.

He has called out on the pioneers of the Biafra unsettling, and southeast government officials, to have their spot at the cutting edge of the battle.

As indicated by NAIJ.com, the Reverend made his remarks amid a sermon at his church.

The 3-minute video was shared on Twitter by a political reporter, Kayode Ogundamisi. click to watch video

Talking in the Igbo lingo, Mbaka expressed that those shouting for Biafra, and compelling Igbo pioneers, ought to be the ones at the cutting edge of the disturbance.

He bemoaned over the way that the locale’s pioneers stowed away, while youthful Igbos were sent to kick the bucket in the city.

The cleric likewise countered the idea that Igbos were loathed.

“No one ought to hoodwink you saying that ‘Igbos are loathed’. That is the way we (Igbos) trust hogwash. Poor people masses are advised to disturb for Biafra.

“There is nothing incorrectly in Biafra. In any case, those that say they need Biafra now (or never) should turn out let us see the crème of the Igbos; at that point, we as a whole will push for Biafra.

“Let the crème de la crème among the Igbos be at the bleeding edge while the poor masses that linger the lanes for the sake of Biafra will bolster from behind. “The proper thing is for guardians to shield their youngsters from peril.

“I am not against Biafra but rather let the Igbo political elites; the Ubas of Anambra, Peter Obi, Ekwueme, Ekweremadu, Nnamanis, Sullivan Chime, Anyim Pius Anyim, I (Mbaka) and so on ought to be the ones pushing for Biafra, not our youngsters who get killed in the city consistently.

“Where are the Igbo political elites? They are secluded from everything in Abuja and abroad. “They have sent these youngsters to push for Biafra and they have sought total isolation. That is not administration.

A pioneer ought to be in front to take shots for his adherents similarly as Christ energetically gave his life for his supporters. “A pioneer is not one who will sit and yield the poor for his aspiration.” He said

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